Thursday, March 25
Search for chametz after 7:36 PM

Friday, March 26
Sell & burn chametz by 11:58 AM
Light Shabbat candles before 6:54 PM

Shabbat, March 27 | Erev Pesach
Finish eating Chametz by 10:55 AM
Nullify Chametz by 11:58 AM
Candle Lighting after 7:50 PM*
First Seder night

Sunday, March 28 | First Day of Passover
Light Holiday Candles after 7:51 PM*
2nd Seder night

Monday, March 29 | Second Day of Passover
Holiday Ends 7:51 PM

Tuesday, March 30 | First Day of Chol Hamoed

Wednesday, March 31 | Second Day of Chol Hamoed

Thursday, April 1 | Third Day of Chol Hamoed

Friday, April 2 | Last Day of Chol Hamoed
Light Candles before 6:59 PM

Shabbat, April 3 | Seventh Day of Passover
Light Candles after 7:55 PM*

Sunday, April 4 | Last Day of Passover
Holiday Ends 7:56 PM

* Light only from a pre-existing flame.

May you and yours be blessed with a healthy, fulfilling and joyous Passover holiday.

Rabbi Shlomo & Tovi
Rabbi Ari & Nomi